I'm fascinated by stained glass, and I make small works at my studio.I like the form and the warmth of the vintage lanterns. I mainly make a ornaments and lantern gloves. In the future I'm going to add more outdoor items!
Izumiforest aims to make some works which you
could enjoy with a nice coffees and calmness.

If we are out of stock,could you please wait two or three weeks, so we can make additional works.
(The material of glasses shown may differ slightly in production due to changes in mterial )
Please send an e-mail to us first.

★Making lantern glove as a hobby, so we don't accept orders now.★

★★The lanterns are not made with heat resistant glasses,so they can't be used with gas.★★ ★★
====Izumiforest's works sold out====